Bauhaus Design

The New European Bauhaus: From Co-Design to Delivery

Authors: Nina Fauser & Ylenia Busuttil

In recent months, we have promoted the New European Bauhaus as a tool to achieve a beautiful architectural environment which respects the community’s fundamental obligations to adopt more sustainable habits. Today, we are happy to share the wonderful news about the commencement of the New European Bauhaus’ delivery stage, through which you can participate in this powerful green revolution targeting improved sustainability, aesthetics, social inclusion, and accessibility.

Why should you participate in the New European Bauhaus?

The New European Bauhaus is a European Commission (‘EC’) initiative which proposes a fusion of sustainable technology and science with art and culture, culminating in the development of green architecture. As expressed by the EC’s President, Ursula von der Leyen, “the New European Bauhaus aims at creating a new lifestyle that matches sustainability with good design, that needs less carbon and that is inclusive and affordable for all”.  This is a driving force within the EU Green Deal since it urges a cultural movement which will impact the business community and the general population – a movement which will revolutionise our attitude towards sustainable living.

The initial stage of this project, the co-design stage, has proven to be an extremely successful venture which shaped the future of this project through a participatory approach. The multiple conversations held on a community and institutional level, as well as essays and papers which have been submitted, led to a compilation of over two thousand examples, ideas and challenges, all sharing the motivation of a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive way of life. This was supported by the first edition of the New European Bauhaus Prize aimed at awarding ideas which combine design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability, and investment. It was through these efforts that the following four thematic axes for the delivery stage were identified, each of which expands the implementation opportunities:

  1. Reconnecting with nature;
  2. Regaining a sense of belonging;
  3. Prioritising the places and people that need it most; and
  4. Fostering long term, life cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem.

How can you join this green revolution?

As the culmination of the delivery phase approaches, the time has come for you to implement projects in Malta or across the EU aimed at furthering sustainability through art and culture. This is prompted by the EC publishing a communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the 15th of September 2021. Through this communication, the EC has set out the framework, core principles, priorities and key actions that will drive the New European Bauhaus towards the delivery phase.

The communication announced a financing strategy for projects which furthers the initiative’s scope. Principally, the EC will promote and support several pilot projects so as to execute the ideas proposed in the co-design stage. This includes both funding opportunities for calls which are fully dedicated towards the New European Bauhaus, as well as calls which contribute to the New European Bauhaus without this being their primary aim. Funding will be distributed through different existing programmes, including Horizon Europe, ERASMUS+, LIFE Programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

Whilst a whopping €85 million have been allocated to such calls, several other programmes will also incorporate a wider approach towards sustainable living as an element of context or priority without a pre-established budget. Financing opportunities are geared towards (i) the tangible transformation of places on the ground, (ii) to an environment that enables innovation, as well as (iii) to the popular perspective and thought process through the diffusion of new meanings, also being the three main categories for available programmes.

Parallelly, the New European Bauhaus will include a New European Bauhaus Lab. This is described as a “‘think and do tank’ to co-create, prototype and test new tools, solutions and policy recommendations” – creating an active community of like-minded individuals, professionals and organisations. The EC will also convene a New European Bauhaus Festival within which participants and collaborators will be able to share progress and results while fostering the engagement of new citizens. The Festival will be launched in Brussels this coming Spring and is expected to be the first of many such annual events.

Member States will also be invited to apply the values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion in local strategies, recovery, and resilience plans, as well as programmes under the cohesion policy with the aim of boosting the infiltration and uptake of beautiful sustainable living in territorial and socio-economic development.

Next steps

Shout out to all artists, designers, architects, students and interested people: what kinds of projects do you think should be part of this New European Bauhaus movement? How can we make Malta’s existing and future buildings sustainable, yet beautiful?

Contact us if you want to make a difference, if you would like to be part of this new renovation wave, or if you have any ideas on how to make sustainability beautiful and want to bring a project to Malta or the EU.

Make sure to keep checking EWROPA’s website, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages for further announcements on this movement and how you can be part of it, as well as to find out about any available funding opportunities under the New European Bauhaus movement.

If you already have a project which you think can contribute to this movement, get in touch with us now on and we can guide you on how you can contribute to the New Bauhaus and benefit from the funding opportunities which are available.