Stop Wasteful Packaging – New rules to Promote Sustainable Packaging in the EU

Introduction The discussion to put an end to wasteful packaging has been triggered by the EU’s ambition to contribute to a green and circular economy and reach climate neutrality by 2050; through sustainable, zero-polluting and resource-efficient measures[1]. The amount of packaging waste, used for protecting and safely transporting goods from one location to another, is … Continued

The EU’s Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking

The illicit trafficking of wild flora and fauna is a crisis on a global level and considered a World Crime by the United Nations, however it has deviously infiltrated the European Union extensively over the years. Illegal behaviour towards wildlife, which may include poaching, hunting, trapping and unnecessary killing for instance, results in biodiversity loss … Continued

Zero Emissions from new Cars and Vans by 2035

Authors: Stefan Spiteri & Christine Borg Millo “Transport underpins our society. It connects people, cities, countries and economies, fostering growth and employment. However, transport also damages the climate, the environment and human health. To reduce these impacts, Europe needs to move towards a more sustainable circular economy and decarbonised transport system.” Source: Publication by the … Continued

Speed it Up –Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy within the Union

Authors: Stefan Spiteri & Christine Borg Millo Introduction The invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops began on the 24th of February 2022, and during the past 10 months, the European Union has had to suffer severe difficulties with regard to energy supply within its territory. Russian gas supplies to the Union are, at present, and … Continued

COP27 – Delivering for People and the Planet – Can leaders deliver?

The current climate crisis we are confronting has aggravated our ecological, societal and economic sectors beyond despair. To name a few evident issues; extreme destructive weather events have intensified, an alarming increase in global warming has negatively impacted human health, an energy and food crisis has propelled, deepened not only by the pandemic, but also … Continued

The EU’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 – a Green Recovery

Bringing Nature Back into our lives Introduction Biological diversity lays the foundation for every living organism on this Earth, including mankind. It consists of all living species, within different ecosystems and the natural wildlife, making up the current environment we live in, and very much depend on. The state of our biodiversity thus reveals the … Continued

Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil

Author: Christine Borg Millo Christine Borg Millo is an intern working for Ewropa. She has recently completed her Law degree and will graduate in 2022. In the next scholastic term, she will be reading for a Master of Advocacy. Introduction The quality standards of air, water and soil in the EU have deteriorated drastically and … Continued

EU’s target of Zero-emission buildings by 2050

Introduction The whole operational lifespan of buildings answers for approximately 36% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union, including 28% in operational emissions and 11% in building materials and the construction process.[1] This goes contrary to the EU goals of energy efficiency, the reduction of non-renewable resources and decarbonisation. Indeed, the contribution towards … Continued

What’s the deal with Horizon Europe’s Widening and Spreading actions?

An explanation of how the EU research agenda is trying to boost R&D performance in lagging countries like Malta When it comes to research, Europe is divided. Talent and excellence are widespread throughout the block, but the measurement of R&D performance reveals large differences between regions. To close the gap, the EU is now implementing … Continued

Malta’s Implementation of the Fit-For-55

Introduction Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part series described the EU’s Fit-for-55 Package, consisting of amendments to already-existing law, and improvements to the legislative sphere through the inclusion of new legislative proposals. Malta has demonstrated great willingness to implement EU’s Fit-For-55 package, to “ensure the achievement of Malta’s contribution towards the realisation of … Continued