About Us

How can we help you?

EU funding programmes cover numerous fields. As a result, the criteria and conditions for the grants vary immensely depending on the field in question as each call for proposals is unique. Applicants would need to be very well informed about the criteria they must fulfill in order to be eligible for EU funding for their projects or activities.

Ewropa carries out all necessary research, liaises with external bodies and implements the application process from A-Z.

Ewropa offers a one-stop-shop service which includes grant identification, application submission and when requested, post-grant project compliance services. We provide a complete solution package from the identification of the relevant grant to the coordination of the project so that you can remain focused on your main areas of activities.

What We Do:

Ewropa will carry out all groundwork research for your project.

We will:

  • Familiarise ourselves with your project
  • Identify the relevant call for proposal
  • Outline the requirements of the awarding body: EU Commission or Maltese authority
  • Make all necessary contacts
  • Assist you throughout the application process until submission
  • Act as intermediary during the selection process
  • Assist with the Grant agreement
  • Assist with post grant management of your project

The Team