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Beautiful, Sustainable, Together. This is the New European Bauhaus.

Author: Nicole Sciberras Debono

Answer a simple question: What would the new ideal building be? And following that, what would beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places look like? What are the feelings, the sensations, but also the practical requirements and the materials we would use? If this is the neighbourhood you live in, what should it look like, feel like, work like? How would we share the space and what would our new habits be?

The Official Launch of the New European Bauhaus

Last month, we published an article on the New European Bauhaus, wherein the European Commission introduced a project of hope, helping the world get a grip on the pandemic, linked to the European Union’s recovery plan, NextGenerationEU. The New European Bauhaus fits perfectly with the new outlook of hope and determination – how we ought to live together after the pandemic, while respecting the planet and protecting our environment. It is about empowering those who have the solutions for another global crisis: climate change.

On the 18th of January, 2021, the European Commission officially launched this creative and interdisciplinary project, with the focus being to design the future way of living, at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology, with the three core values being:

  • Sustainability – This refers to how we relate to the environment through creating a dialogue between our built environment and the planet’s ecosystems. It means to realise regenerative approaches inspired by natural cycles that replenish resources and protect biodiversity.
  • Aesthetics – This refers to the quality of our intervention over the planet and creating enriching experiences that respond to our needs beyond the material dimension, inspired by creativity, art, and culture;
  • Social inclusion and Accessibility – This refers to a dialogue between diverse cultures, disciplines, genders, and ages and the opportunity to imagine a better place for all. It also means a more inclusive economy, where wealth is distributed, and spaces are affordable.

Beauty and sustainability will no longer be a privilege for the few, but an opportunity for the masses.

How will this be achieved?

In the coming months, the idea of what should be the focus of the New European Bauhaus will be explored. Amongst several aspects, the discussion will include:

  • How to help different generations live together better;
  • How to encourage the use of organic building materials;
  • How to put design at the service of climate solutions;
  • How to transform a train station, or even an opera house into a sustainable building;
  • How culture can contribute to solve the climate crisis.

How can I contribute?

The New European Bauhaus initiative, being an inclusive and collective process, is based on co-design. It invites creative minds to participate, curate conversations and generate ideas to shape an innovative policy framework. Ultimately, it supports a sustainable movement around new ways of thinking that create lasting communities and inclusive, ongoing dialogues. This will be done through conversations and workshops in digital formats, and where possible, even on the ground.

The European Commission has launched an online conversation platform wherein anyone can organise a local event and host a conversation. If you are part of a network, an organisation, an institution, a local movement, a neighbourhood, this is the perfect opportunity. You can even follow and contribute to existing conversations and connect with like-minded people.  

But what’s in it for me?

The New European Bauhaus initiative also needs the support of organisations across the EU that can act as “Partners of the New European Bauhaus“. They will act as promoters, community managers, sounding boards and key interlocutors throughout the development of the initiative. Watch this space to find out more on how you can become a Partner of the New European Bauhaus – and become a promoter, community manager, sounding board and/or key interlocutor throughout the development of the initiative.

Moreover, in Spring of 2021, the European Commission will launch the New European Bauhaus prize. This prize will reward preliminary ideas that guide the way towards potential solutions. The New European Bauhaus will be a project shaped by all of us, in all Member States and beyond – from professional architects and artists to citizens’ initiatives; from CEOs of big companies to the innovative start-ups.

Following such, by Autumn of 2021, the European Commission will launch a call for proposals for the first five New European Bauhaus projects in different EU countries. As from 2022, the New European Bauhaus will be disseminated across Europe, starting with five founding Bauhauses working on different topics, such as social cohesion or energy efficiency.

Shout out to all artists, designers, architects, students and interested people: what kinds of projects do you think should be part of this Bauhaus movement? How can we make Malta’s existing and future buildings sustainable, yet beautiful?

Contact us if you want to make a difference, if you would like to be part of this new renovation wave, or if you have any ideas on how to make sustainability beautiful and want to bring a project to Malta or the EU.

Make sure to keep checking EWROPA’s website, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages for further announcements on this movement and how you can be part of it, as well as to find out about any available opportunities under the New European Bauhaus movement.

If you already have a project which you think can contribute to this movement, get in touch with us now on and we can guide you on how you can contribute to the New Bauhaus Movement and benefit from the funding opportunities which will be made available this year.