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Two new Fusion Calls launched by MCST

Authors: Gayle Kimberley & Ilona Vella

Two calls have opened under the FUSION programme run by The Malta Council for Science and Technology. Under these calls, both local Research and Innovation (R&I) actions as well as ideas which are ready to be commercialised are eligible for this funding.

One of the open calls is The Fusion Research Excellence Programme for early-stage development of innovative projects. Applicants can be public entities, higher education institutes and industry players. This funding opportunity is best suited for projects which are at the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) between TRL 1 and TRL 4 but applies across a broad range of scientific areas. Eligible projects should have a duration of 1 year and be ready to start by August 2021. This Fusion programme boasts a budget of €500,000 per year. It closes on Friday, 21st of May 2021 but will be launched every year.

The second open call is The Infectious Diseases Programme (IDP) which will support innovative projects within the field of infectious diseases. Maltese public entities, Maltese public research and knowledge-dissemination organisations as well as Maltese undertakings, including start-ups, are eligible to apply for funding. Eligible projects should last a minimum of one (1) year up to a maximum of two (2) years in 6-month increments, so one would need to propose a project with a duration of 12, 18 or 24-month. The total budget for this call is €600,000 with a limit of €150,000 per project. The call closes on Friday 28th of May 2021.

About Fusion

FUSION aims to create a proper R&D industry in Malta which will lead to improved quality of life for the Maltese. In addition, FUSION was created with the idea that once R&I actions are ready for commercalisation this will increase Malta’s competitiveness by creating high-value and knowledge intensive employment opportunities in priority industries.

Do you have any ideas in mind which could be eligible for funding under Fusion?

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