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Launch of the Second Call for Large-Scale Projects Under the EU Innovation Fund: €1.5 Billion now Available in Funding

Authors: Nina Fauser & Robyn Farrugia

Results of the first call for large-scale projects

On the 16th November 2021, the results of the first call for large-scale projects were published, where 7 projects aiming to bring breakthrough technologies to the market were pre-selected for Grant Agreement preparations. All applications were thoroughly evaluated by external evaluators against the 5 Innovation Fund award criteria, namely (i) potential for greenhouse gases emission avoidance, (ii) degree of innovation, (iii) project maturity, (iv) scalability, and (v) cost efficiency.

Additionally, 15 rejected proposals which met certain minimum requirements were offered project development assistance (PDA) through the European Investment Bank. This support aims to advance the financial, technical, or operational maturity of these projects, with a view of potential re-submission under future Innovation Fund calls.

Launch of the second call for large-scale projects

On the 26th of October 2021, the European Commission launched its second call for large-scale projects under the EU Innovation Fund. With a budget of €1.5 billion, which increased by 50% when compared to the previous call, the second call is aimed at targeting breakthrough technologies in the fields of renewable energy, energy-intensive industries, energy storage, and carbon capture, use, and storage.

The application process has been significantly simplified from the previous call, now only involving a one-stage application process. The Call text, as well as the methodologies for greenhouse gas emission avoidance and calculation of relevant costs remained largely similar to the first call, but they now include better guidance for applicants. Both re-submissions and new applications are welcome under the second call.

The second call is open for projects from all EU Member States, Iceland, and Norway and the deadline to apply is the 3rd of March 2022. Information regarding the evaluation results will be provided between July to September 2022, and grants will be awarded between October to December 2022. More information regarding the second call can be accessed here.

The Innovation Fund is seeking experts

On another note, the European Commission have recently announced that they are looking for experienced, technical, and motivated experts able to evaluate applications submitted under the Innovation Fund. This opportunity will allow individuals to play a part in a massively impactful green initiative, while also being given the opportunity to be involved in the latest low-carbon innovation investments in the EU. Should you be interested in applying to be an expert, you may do so  by registering in the European Commission’s Expert database.

How can Ewropa assist you?

The team at Ewropa has been very actively involved in assisting clients in tapping into the various funding opportunities available under the Innovation Fund from the very start. Having extensive experience in the area of funding, particularly when it comes to the European Innovation Fund, the team at Ewropa will be able to assist you by carrying out all the necessary research, liaising with external bodies, implementing the application process from A-Z, and also assisting in any post-grant compliance matters, among other services. If you have an idea which you would like to bring to life, or have any other questions regarding the Innovation Fund or any other funds, make sure to reach out to us on to secure your funding now.