Stefan Spiteri General Manger at Ewropa Consultancy
General Manager

Stefan Spiteri

Stefan Spiteri has been working on EU matters for more than 17 years now. In the past 13 years, he has been involved in digital projects attracting more than €75 million in EU co-financing towards Malta and Gozo. Prior to that, he worked in the environmental planning sector with the national regulatory authority for more than 10 years gaining experience in development and forward planning.

He joined Ewropa Consultancy on 22 July 2022 as General Manager. His primary practice areas are environmental planning, EU affairs, especially in the digital, transport and energy sectors, and national and EU funding streams.

Stefan’s main interests include: the future of the EU debate, federalism, neo-functionalism, enlargement, broadening, deepening and widening of the EU and emerging technologies.


Stefan Spiteri has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Planning from Birmingham City University, a Master of Arts in European Politics, Economics and Law from the University of Malta and a Master of Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.


Stefan can speak English, Maltese and Italian.

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